Welcome to my collection of

Sako paraphernalia and more!


      Sako promotional items is my absolute main interest and while searching for such,

I sometimes find material from other Finnish manufacturers of firearms and ammunition.

                                                      So I collect those too!!

        If you have any items you like to part with, or maybe trade, please don´t hesitate!

                                                        Send me an e-mail!!


I will try to update as often as possible!!

I am NOT affiliated to any company, organisation or political party!

I am just shooting and hunting with Sako rifles and collecting all catalogues, catalogs, broschures, manuals, stickers, decals, pins, badges, patches, posters, books and all other promotional items I can find from Sako!!!

The whole purpose of this site is to display my collection for other individuals interested in the fine rifles from Sako.

For contact please use this e-mail adress: mail@sakoparaphernalia.com

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                I collect almost everything with a Sako logo on it!

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Jan 9 2012